Standing Out When Just Starting Out

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Standing Out When Just Starting Out

I’m just starting out my career in hotels. How do I stand out among my peers?

From time to time, I hear from hotel professionals seeking some elusive hint or hidden secret that will help them unlock doors and discover new opportunities. In all my travels, from Albania to Alaska, from Costa Rica to Cambodia, just one thing remains consistent: good people define the best in hospitality. Regardless of one’s career choices, demographic, cultural or socio-economic position in life, generally speaking, if you associate yourself with good people, you have a chance to learn from them, emulate their actions, and share in the camaraderie of positive values.

With that mindset as a base, you can unconsciously hone your skills and passions, internalize lessons, and make good behavior the standard. From there, your skillsets will sharpen and your contributions will add value to your organization. In very short order, you organically become an example of what ‘good’ is to someone else and you perpetuate the cycle. It is only when these collective efforts take hold that great teams are formed, which, in turn, often achieve extraordinary results.

If you gravitate toward success, you sow the seeds of successful opportunities for yourself going forward. In time, others will see you as a part of a successful team, recognize your individual efforts, and will seek you out for added responsibilities, increasingly supportive roles, and rewards you can’t imagine today. It truly is just that simple.

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