above the standard


making every experience better


warm, friendly and generous


ease of maintenance and management


a respectful ratio of cost to quality


always appropriate for the situation


dependability you can count on


Created with the highest quality, functionality and design in mind, Anthony Melchiorri branded products incorporate Anthony’s expertise and an eye for detail to set a new standard of excellence in everyday living. Each item is designed to reflect Anthony’s point of view and deliver a unique and satisfying experience.


An expert in the art of hospitality, Anthony knows that success is in the details. From luxurious fine chocolate to first class home and lifestyle products, Anthony Melchiorri products promise to transform the everyday into a five star experience with superior quality, unexpected detail and style.

Photo of Show Up book

SHOW UP: The Five Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

A sometimes humorous, sometimes serious stories highlight how with just a few practical steps, people from all backgrounds can create a professional life that reflects who they are and what they value – whether you’re a hospitality expert or digital nomad. The stories are packed with the takeaways and insights and give you a glimpse into the unwavering mindset of the man who not only helped to turn around some of New York City’s most iconic hotels, but also hosted nine seasons of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.

"Through the artful weaving of relatable stories and practical advice, Show Up leaves readers feeling both enlightened and empowered. This is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking to take charge of their life and live it to the fullest."

Robert H. Rippee, Ph.D.

"An excellent dose of reality that captures the grit, discipline, and strategy required to succeed in hospitality. Show up for yourself every day = DONE."

Brian Gullbrants
North American CEO Wynn Resorts


All Anthony Melchiorri branded products and services create added value and enhance the guests experience by offering insider tips from Anthony; training—clear, direct instructions for use; and customer service—supplying a high level of information and support.

If you are interested in partnering with Anthony Melchiorri, or carrying Anthony Melchiorri branded products, please contact us for more information.

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