Authenticity—genuine and unapologetic

A respected travel and hospitality expert, Anthony Melchiorri has been featured in various noteworthy publications worldwide. He has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews as the host of the Travel Channel’s top-rated ‘Hotel Impossible’ and as a business and hospitality consultant.

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Anthony Melchiorri Press Mentions
Park University highlights the career of former student Anthony Melchiorri

“It was incredible to me that Park University made classes available for service members right there on the base. For me, it was invaluable. When I left the military, I had my degree and was able to get going on my career.”

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The Seven Deadly Sins for Hoteliers

“There are businesses that can be absentee-operated such as a Laundromat or a car wash. Hotels simply aren’t built that way and hoteliers have to overcome certain key obstacles if they want to deliver on a superior guest experience.”

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A Hotel Insider Shares Secrets

“I still don’t understand why five-star hotels charge you for Internet, when that’s the biggest complaint corporate travelers have in the industry. I demand free Internet or I won’t go back.”

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Travel Channel makes room for turnaround pro Anthony Melchiorri and ‘Hotel Impossible’

“It’s about service. A three-star bellman should do a five-star job every time.”

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Making The Magic Happen For Struggling Hotels

“The passion comes from making people’s dreams come true… the great wine, the dinner, the big chocolate cake, the really nice room… We try to connect. Being able to deliver—that is really something fun.”

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Starwood And Marriott: Which Brands Are On The Chopping Block?

“Millennials want value. They don’t want to spend as much money and they want experience. They want cool bars and cool lobbies, but don’t want to pay for services they don’t use.”

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Hotel Impossible’s Anthony Melchiorri Revisits the MGM Grand Fire

“If you’re asking me ‘should it be a federal requirement that [hotel] safety standards are at the highest level…at New York standards or higher’—100 percent… The reason that I do my show is for that reason.”

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10 Best Hotel Comeback Success Stories

“[The Algonquin] was the epicenter of New York culture, the conversation piece of America. It’s not only come back, it’s now one of the leading hotels in New York.”

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What you need to know before your next hotel stay: Anthony Melchiorri of ‘Hotel Impossible

“It’s not about having or not having codes violations…it’s about fixing code violations. It’s about fixing that one pipe that was in the bathroom of 2007…to rip out that ceiling…to fix the mold problem…to fix the pipe right and to be on top of it…and to pay people well to do that job.”

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